The Idea

Entrepreneurship Theatre is considerate of a novel and changing environment, a teaching methodology of entrepreneurship and business for young people: (see the trailer at:

Entrepreneurship Theatre is targeted at students in higher education and vocational education, upper secondary schools and vocational training institutions and the students in the last classes of secondary school. Entrepreneurship Theatre brings together professionals, entrepreneurs, students and university students.

A playful (using active learning methods) approach to enterprise and entrepreneurship creates interest and gives the (university) students the courage to fulfill their dreams and ideas. (University) Students are able to experience both the excitement and joys of starting a company, but also the dangers. The students and university students included in the study are simultaneously participating in the creation of teaching materials, which shapes young people’s mindsets and gives them the courage to intervene in different processes in life.

This approach supports adopting an entrepreneurial attitude, which is characterised by creative and innovative thinking, targeted action, intelligent management and the capability of brining your ideas and thoughts into action.

Any school can do entrepreneurship theatre by relying on the completed study materials (see study object).

Entrepreneurship Theatre shows the stumbling blocks and the keys of success in business, and will help find answers to questions about how the success factors theory may be beneficial, and what are the main obstacles to a start-up company. The established and developing methodology creates enterprising people, who are characterized by creativity, innovation and the courage to take risks, as well as the knowledge and skills to direct their actions and resources in order to achieve their goals.