Entrepreneurship Theatre is an exciting way of studying entrepreneurship and business that is considerate of a changing environment. The novel methodology aimed at different age groups was the product of collaboration between Rakvere Vocational school ( and their partners. The purpose of the activity of Entrepreneurship Theatre NGO ( is to address youngsters to have a deeper understanding of being an entrepreneur. It’s to make them realise that every failure is followed by success and vice versa. Known entrepreneurs share their success stories in our play seminars and explain what made it possible.
Entrepreneurship Theatre NGO encourages youngsters to be entrepreneurial in a variety of fields. In addition to creating profit-oriented businesses, they are also advised to act in social entrepreneurship and thought financial skills. The aforementioned is supported by the stories about commercial enterprise AS Yoga, socialentrepreneurship project Night Run Estonia and Lehe Sass’s own skates, which promotes financial skills. There is an upcoming story of tax awareness, which brings to attention the importance of paying taxes and using tax-payer’s money wisely. It will encompass the entire society as an educational material.

The social entrepreneurship project Night Run Estonia (http://www.öö, which was performed by the students of Rakvere Gymnasium, is a good example of Entrepreneurship Theatre’s methodology. During The Festival of Opinion Culture ( that took place from the 15 to the 16 of August the participants saw an inspiring story of an entrepreneur Marko Torm and his idea to organize a night time marathon in a small Estonian city Rakvere. The discussion is presented as a play, which is followed by the thoughts and experiences shared by the students. Discussion is brought to you by Entrepreneurship Theatre NGO and Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (