1.2 Possible questions for the entrepreneur

In the course of the interview it's necessary to find out what decisions had been made, what results they had led to, and to keep in mind that previous experiences influence how new information is received and how decisions and choices concerning the future are made.
Therefore the interview might include questions like:
  1. How did you become an entrepreneur?
  2. How have you changed as an entrepreneur compared to the very beginning?
  3. What kinds of difficulties have you encountered?
  4. What has been your most valuable lesson as an entrepreneur?
  5. What is important in entrepreneurship?
  6. What has to be kept in mind to be successful in enterprise?
The interview can be carried out as a topical interview where the enterpreneur(s) talk on a subject that is requested by the interviewer or agreed on beforehand.

The ethical aspect of data collection and processing needs to be considered in interviews as well as in other means of data collection. An agreement has to be reached with the interviewee on how the data is used and whether any names, numbers or other information that can be traced back to any persons (including legal persons) can be disclosed to third parties. The agreement must be kept.

1.2.1 Contemplation
What other questions might be asked from the entrepreneur?

What event led you to entrepreneurship?
How did you find a name for your business?
How did you hire your first employee(s)?
To whom/where/when did you sell your first product?
How did you find a business partner?

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