1. How to do entrepreneurship theatre

Entrepreneurship theatre is essentially a demonstration class that culminates with an enactment of the case in point.

Therefore the typical issues connected to the founding, growth, and development of an enterprise need to be examined in order to be able to learn from the stories. Learning happens by collecting stories from entrepreneurs, setting them into the form of a play and enacting them. Therefore it's based on teamwork.

The first step for the students is choosing one or more entrepreneurs to interview. Every businessperson has a story to tell. Afterwards, the interview needs to be parsed in order to find the critical situations and major events or incidents related to the founding, growth, and development of the business. Special attention should be paid to any decisive moments, specific statements made by the people involved, the general setting and atmosphere. This is how short stories or scenes for enactment are found.

The whole activity is based on the following chart: (Chart 1)

Chart 1. Reference chart for entrepreneurship theatre

Formation of groups

  • find entrepreneurs to interview
  • prepare the questions or topics for the interview, using a dictaphone or another recording device to record the interview as previously agreed on with the interviewee
  • carry out the interview, listen to the recording with the group and/or supervisor, and decide in the course of a debate on 2-4 topics discussed in the interview to base a script on
  • write the script
  • if possible, do another interview to elaborate on the interpersonal relations and specific statements within the scope of the topics chosen for the script. NB: Respect the enterpreneur's time!

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